Baby Sensations Massage

…is a wonderful way to develop and enhance your relationship with your baby and have fun together. When you massage your baby you follow in the footsteps of parents and children the world over who have benefited from gentle therapeutic massage.

Come and join one of our local classes and over 4 weeks learn how Baby Sensations Massage can benefit your baby by:

  • easing colic, wind and constipation
  • soothing when tired, irritable or over stimulated
  • helping to establish bedtime routines and positive sleep habits
  • nourishing the skin and aiding circulation

Baby Sensations Massage can benefit you by:

  • helping to settle your baby and ease their discomfort
  • providing a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy your baby

We purposely keep our classes small to provide you with the best opportunity to relax and focus on learning a new skill. Apart from your baby there is no other complicated or expensive equipment required! Once you have mastered the strokes Baby Sensations Massage can easily be incorporated into your baby’s daily routine. All that is needed is you, your baby, a warm room, a little natural oil and a few minutes of your time.

Our Baby Sensations Massage classes

Baby Sensations Massage is a course of 4 classes which concentrates on a different area of the body each week. The massage is taught using a demonstration doll, you massage your own baby. Partners are of course welcome but we are not able to accommodate other children in the class. We include course handouts, massage oil and refreshments.

4 weekly one hour sessions: course price – £45

Individually tailored courses start from £120

Or invite along some friends and host the course in your own home.
For more information on Private group courses please email: or call 0773 8566 646

Gift Vouchers are also available.

2020 Course Dates:

Newbury (RG18):

Please contact me for course dates and times

Tilehurst (The Cotswold Sports Centre, RG31 6SL):

Please contact me for course dates and times